We believe classic road bicycle frames can be properly built with high-grade steel tubing, aluminum combined with carbon fiber, full carbon fiber or titanium. CylesMercier takes great care to utilize frame geometry appropriate for a wide range of riding experiences with a special focus on achieving the classic road bike feel.


Reynolds steel bicycle tubing is the highest quality available. The flagship 853 tubing is heat treated and has a strength-to-weight ratio nearly identical to 3/2.5 titanium. This amazing 853 tubing actually gets stronger when welded. No tubing or combination of materials can equal the smooth solid ride of super-high-grade steel.


Double Butted High Grade Aluminum frames when combined with carbon fiber can produce a very light frame that is also very comfortable. CyclesMercier strongly believes that any Aluminum Road Frame must be combined with a Carbon Fiber Fork plus Carbon Fiber seatpost or rear seat stays. With the proper mix of front and rear Carbon Fiber, the usual aluminum harshness is smoothed out while maintaining the advantage of super light weight.


CyclesMercier feels that the selection of a lightweight, maintenance-free wheelset is extremely important in the production of the classic road bicycle.


Wheels should be light and lively but not delicate. Ritchey, Mavic, Velomax, Alex and others produce high quality wheels appropriate for the all-around cyclist. CyclesMercier uses Ritchey wheels which have been shown to balance value, performance and durability.


It is widely understood that the bicycle fork has an immense impact on ride quality. High grade chrome molybdenum forks provide an excellent ride, however, high-grade carbon forks lead to the optimal road bicycle experience.

CyclesMercier uses the Reynolds Ouzo and Kinesis Carbon fork on all models above the entry level.



Shimano and Campagnolo both produce excellent road bicycle components. Our 2005 line includes bicycles with components from the world's two premier makers Shimano and Campagnolo.


The road cyclist will receive high quality from either Shimano or Campagnolo